Winning Streak Fruit Machine

Winning Streak fruit machine from Jackpot Joy is one of those traditional games that used to be seen in every casino, bingo hall and arcade. It has one payline and limited number of win symbols.

This fruit machine may not have all the bells and whistles that some of the latest video slots boast, but what is does have is a decent payout structure! Most online slots only payout on a minimum of 2 matching symbols and then you only win 1x your bet which isn't actually winning, you're just getting your original stake amount back.

Winning Streak Quick Guide

  • Progressive Jackpot – No
  • Bonus Features – No
  • Maximum Bet – £6.00
  • Minimum Bet – £0.25
  • Nudges – No
  • Maximum Jackpot – x5000
  • Bonus Cash – £100
  • Free Play Option – Yes
  • Wild Symbols – Yes
  • Win Lines – 1

When playing Winning Streak you only need to get 1 cherry symbol to receive a 2x payout and the $ symbol is wild giving you more chances to make winning combinations.

This fruity is a doddle to play – no complex win lines, a small selection of symbols and no progressive jackpot option. I really liked this machine because of it's regular payouts and unlike the big jackpot games, Winning Streak seems to payout more often. Granted, these payouts are smaller than you can get on the big jackpot but iIn one 20 minute session playing this slot I managed lots of x2 payouts, a couple of x5 and one x50 win! Personally I'd rather take the small regular wins than gamble on the big jackpot.

I love Winning Streak fruit machine because along with it's simple and fun action the jackpots are also pretty good – the maximum win is x2000 if you play 1 coin or x5000 if you play two coins. If you played the minimum coin value (0.25p) you can still win a £500 jackpot! Play the max coin (£6.00) and you're looking at a jackpot of £15,000, which is sometimes more money than you can win on the progressive slots.

Remember that if you join Jackpot Joy and play this slot they will match your first cash deposit up to £100. If you're looking for value then Winning Streak is the slot for you – show me a slot machine on the high street with a jackpot of £500 for just 25p.