Sklots, a fun-natured play on the words ‘Skill' and ‘Slots', is a unique online gaming and gambling experience which really elevates the way in which customers are able to play for money and enjoy themselves in a safe and responsible environment. The brand, owned by St Endellion Ltd, ensures its customers of high-quality partnerships with leading game service providers and definitely displays this proudly on their home-page interface.

The range of games available to customers on Sklots is really quite impressive. It's not that there are a lot of games for people to enjoy; it's the variety of games accessible. All the old familiar faces such as Blackjack and Roulette are present, but it's the addition of games such as ‘Icicle Climb Sklot', and ‘Albatross Overload Sklot' that add something bizarrely unique to this online casino.

The site features 5 game sections: Sklots, Casino, Skratch, Slots and Skill; Skratch and Slots are still up and coming features and are therefore still quite empty, but the exciting bit is the ‘Skill' arena, and this is where Sklots really pushes itself out there, muscling other online casinos out of its way.

Not only are you able to enter high-stake and high-winning tournaments, but the beauty of it is that you are playing against other people. The house doesn't always win, and with this added factor, the house will never win because you are up against a real-life human opponent. The way it works is simple; you select the game you wish to play and bet a stake on the outcome. Upon completion of the game, your score is compared to either the person playing after you, or the person who played immediately before you, and the highest score wins; simple, fun and effective.

This unique pull-factor is aided by the fact that customers don't need to download any software as all the games are instant. They are able to play with ‘play money' as well, letting them practice any game they wish, getting a feel for it before heading off to do the real thing. This excellent customer service is another benefit of Sklots and though they don't overload on promotions, what they do offer is quite compelling.

Every Tuesday and lasting all day, Sklots promotes their ‘Reload Bonus', an enticing deposit bonus which requires customers to deposit a certain amount and allows them to receive a bonus in their betting account depending on how much money they've deposited. For instance, if they deposit between £10 and £25, their ‘Reload Bonus' is 25% and so on; turnover requirements are present, but all is explained clearly in the terms and conditions.

Sklots isn't a vast, scrambling site; it's not particularly big or populated in the way other such online casinos are but this will change. Its unique selling point and excellent customer relationship is its most advantageous bonus and thoroughly deserves credit for the way it has utilised online gaming.