Gala Casino

Marketing themselves as the third largest gaming firm in the UK, the Gala Coral Group has created Gala Casino, a wholly interactive online gambling experience which combines elements of previous e-gaming sites and forms a giant innovation in the world of online gaming.

Using high-quality PlayTech software, the high-street brand has been brought online with this stunning feat and features a multitude of colourful offerings for its customers. On loading the homepage, no time is wasted in marketing itself; game after game after game is listed in a very stylish yet neat lay-out, and the luminous and large font makes it clear that the new customer has the luxury of a free £200 bonus as well.


Gala Casino offers its customers two choices at first; they may keep to the casino and play for free, not hassled by any software downloads, or, if they wish to play for money and in tournaments, then they’re required to follow some simple instructions in downloading software enabling them to play. From the moment you join, you are made fully aware of the bonuses and promotions the site has to offer, and there are plenty of them.

The most attractive of these bonuses is, of course, the £200 Welcome Bonus that they immediately offer you; although the chat-bot that is designed to get this under way is slightly irritating and jarring, you are able to close the box and proceed to the bonus quite easily and without constraint. Deposit at least £20, ‘buy-in’ to a game, and they will match your deposit in value of up to £200. There are a variety of other fun promotions to be looked at as well and though they do not overwhelm their customers with the amount, it is good to see such care taken when it comes to the relationship between company and customer.

The choice of games is one of the very best aspects of Gala Casino and there is certainly no shortage here. It simply has it all; Roulette to Blackjack, Gladiator to Bejewelled. This may all seem pretty standard for an online casino but where Gala really stands out is with its addition of ‘Live-Casino’. Just as it sounds, the Live-Casino features an actual human dealer playing the game out for you. Expelling any myth of calibrated online settings to cheat you out of your money, you can now watch as everything happens in real time, with a real person; it’s instant fun, and a remarkable achievement by Gala Casino.

Smart, stylish and technologically superior to its rivals, Gala Casino combines the very best of e-gaming and has created a service which caters to all. Due to its extensively accessible customer service team, available 24/7 and easy to get in touch with, Gala Coral Group deservedly holds a reputation that matches its excellent gaming opportunities. The Group have outdone themselves this time and with Gala Casino, you can bring Vegas into your own living room and it’ll barely cost you a thing.