Wheel Of Fortune

The most popular TV game show in history is now available to be played online via Paddy Power Games. It’s called Wheel of Fortune Hollywood. This is a 5-reel, multi-coin fruit machine game that can turn your computer into one of the most exciting places on the planet. That might sound ludicrous, but when you’re spinning a wheel that can make you rich, it’s an absolute fact. Add the Bonus Wheel and the game almost goes too far in the exciting category. Wheel of Fortune Hollywood has huge jackpots. To make things incredibly simple, if you hit a jackpot the money is automatically deposited into your account when you exit the game.


  • Progressive Jackpot – No
  • Bonus Features – Yes
  • Gamble Feature – Yes
  • Maximum Bet – £45
  • Minimum Bet – 5p
  • Maximum Jackpot – £250,000
  • Free Play Option – Yes
  • Wild Symbols – Yes
  • Win Lines – 5


To begin playing Wheel of Fortune Hollywood, simply select the Credit Value button, select how much you would like to wager and then select the Play button. When you’re choosing how much to wager, you will have an interesting decision to make. You can choose between 1-9 credits per payline. That said, if you’re a real gambler, you might want to consider the Bet Max option. This is where you win the big money.

Regardless of how much you choose to wager, be sure to be on the lookout for the Bonus Jackpot Symbols. If you land on a yellow or orange Bonus Jackpot Symbol, your bet will be matched and that money will go in the Bonus Jackpot Accumulator. If you land on a red Bonus Jackpot Symbol, your bet will be doubled and that money will go in the Bonus Jackpot Accumulator.

For a Wheel Bonus, you need to land on a Bonus Symbol on reel 1, 2 or 3. When that happens, you can take the money offered or go for another spin. If you choose the latter, you can win more money, but you can also land on Bankrupt. The good news is that you will still have the Double or Nothing Wheel to play.

As you can see, there are many different ways to win in Wheel of Fortune Hollywood, which is what makes this game so appealing. Don't forget that Paddy Power Games also gives new players a tasty welcome bonus!