Umpire Strikes Back Fruit Machine

If you follow online slots, then you have already heard about the Umpire Strikes Back Pub Fruit Machine at Ladbrokes Casino. Many modern online slots are popular because of their skill features and various bonuses. These types of games can be a lot of fun, but they can also be extremely confusing. The best part about Umpire Strikes Back Pub Fruit Machine is its simplicity. It only has three reels, one pay line and one coin slot. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. As we all know, simplicity attracts the masses. However, if you don’t like simplicity for some reason, then you still might enjoy the entertainment. Perhaps you will enjoy the cricket theme as well.

This Ladbrokes Casino slot machine offers sheer pandemonium. Instead of covering all the in-game details, let’s review what the game looks like. Don’t worry; we will also cover the game’s best features below. When you go to play Umpire Strikes Back, you will notice that there’s a lot going on before you even hit the spin button. Remember, though, this game is simple. Therefore, we don’t mean a lot is going on in regards to gameplay. Rather, we’re referring to the visual aspects.

On the left side of the screen, you will see several large red numbers, 1 to 4. Below that, you will see a man diving for a ball. Then you will find another man getting wacked in the butt. A third man appears exhausted and disgusted. The umpire is a man with white clothing and he’s holding a paddle. He looks more than eager to give someone a wack. This is evident by the excited grin on his face. He’s supposed to be the umpire, but this isn’t your ordinary umpire. He’s a crazy, silly and comical character that will keep a smile on your face throughout your entire Umpire Strikes Back experience. The umpire isn’t the last character you will see, though. On the right side of the screen, you will see a player running so fast that he’s kicking up dirt. Or is it smoke? You will have to look for yourself to find out. One thing is for sure: it looks as though he’s being chased by a bull, not playing cricket.

This crazy game at Ladbrokes Casino also offers an exciting Hi-Lo feature. The more times you can predict the next number being higher or lower, the more money you will win. In order to unlock this bonus feature, you just need three cricket balls. Enjoy your insane experience with Umpire Strikes Back at Ladbrokes Casino.