The Slots Quest Christmas Shopping

Didn't it always used to be fun compiling your christmas list? The endless possibilities of all the things you ever wanted, the gut wrenching excitement when christmas day dawns and your hopes materialise behind the gaudy wrapping. Now it just seems like the start of an endless quest, you're jousting other shoppers out the way while you desperately try and find some hidden gem to spend your hard earned cash on…

Jackpot Joy are offering a different experience this year with their amazing ‘Slots Quest'. Undertake to complete the four tasks listed below and Jackpot Joy will pay you a £5 bonus for doing so!

The Slots Quest – Tasks

  • Wager £20 on Barnyard Bonanza
  • Have 20 spins on Nuts and Bolts
  • Get to any Tiki Bonus round game
  • Have 50 spins on Double Bubble