The Biggest Jackpots Are At Paddy Power

Paddy Power Jackpot Fruit Machine

If you’re in search of the biggest online jackpots for fruit machines, then head straight to Paddy Power Casino. This online casino has been attracting many new players due to the enormous jackpots being offered. Let’s start with one of the moderate-sized jackpots at Paddy Power and work our way up.

The Incredible Hulk has quickly become of the most popular fruit machines online. This has a lot to do with the popularity of Marvel Comics. Another reason is the massive money being paid out on this machine. For example, the jackpot for The Incredible Hulk is now at 306,288 euros. Even the Hulk wouldn’t be angry after winning that kind of money. This fruit machine has 50 paylines and three bonus rounds.

The Fantastic Four fruit machine is a lot more impressive than the Fantastic Four movie. The game is more exciting because it offers 50 paylines, wild symbols, scatter symbols and 12 free games. Better yet, the jackpot is currently 306,288 euros.

Elektra is the right game to play if you enjoy being a ninja warrior. Break out those Chinese stars, swords and nun chucks because it’s time to go get some money. How does 306,255 euros sound? That’s the current jackpot. This game also has 200 paylines.

Monty Python’s Spamalot fruit machine has done wonders for online gamblers. Players love it simply because of the combination of huge winning potential and humor. This game has 20 paylines and several bonus games. Its jackpot currently stands at 295,429 euros. Once you play this game at Paddy Power, you’re likely to tell a friend about it. When you do, be sure to say “Ni.”

Now let’s get to the best of the best when it comes to huge jackpots at Paddy Power. Have you ever heard of the game Beach Life? If not, you should quickly familiarize yourself with it. This Paddy Power jackpot now stands at a whopping 1,677,898 euros. This progressive, single-coin fruit machine has 20 paylines, a bonus game and a Bet Max option. The main screen has a lot going on, but don’t be discouraged. The actual gameplay area is incredibly simple.

The total amount of jackpot money at Paddy Power currently stands at over 5,275,000 euros. If you would like to have a chance at sharing some of that money, visit Paddy Power Casino as soon as possible.