Texas Takes A Gamble On Slots

Texas senator Juan Hinojosa has filed a bill that would lead to legalize video lottery games, a form of slot machine/fruit machine, in Texas.

Senator Hinojosa tells a local news station that Texas is facing a large deficit and video gaming slot machines would add an extra boost to economy.

“We know by allowing slot machine at race tracks it will raise close to two billion dollars biennium”, said Hinojosa.

Along with the extra revenue, the Senator says the proposed legislation will bring jobs.

“This type of legislation would create more than 77,000 new jobs in Texas”, said Hinojosa.

Currently there are 13 licensed racetracks in the state of Texas, including two in the Valley.

Valley Race Park is located in Harlingen, and Tesoros Race Park is located in McAllen. Tesoros is licensed, but construction is not yet complete.

Senator Hinojosa adds “This would have a very positive impact because people would come and shop in McAllen, they'll use our mall, restaurants, and hotels”, said Hinojosa.

It's interesting to the political objects to gambling swiftly dissolve once the State coffers start to run dry!

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