Paddy Power Bonus Cash Bar

Bonus Bar Free Games Cash


Paddy Power have opened up a bar, but it’s not the kind of bar you will be able to get a pint or glass of wine, it’s Paddy Power’s Bonus Bar, a new way to win bonus game play cash and just by playing your favourite fruit machine games. All you need to do is play and with every spin a section of the bonus bar will fill, once the bar is completely filled you will receive a randomly generated games cash bonus of up to £25,000.

There are two Levels of prizes you can access with the bar named the Bonus Bar and the Bumper Bonus Bar. So whether you play every now and again for fun or are a committed games player then there is a Bonus Bar for you. Everyone who plays at Paddy Power will automatically qualify for the Bonus Bar and if you play enough to qualify for the Bumper Bonus Bar then Paddy Power will get in touch to let you know.

Random games cash bonuses are awarded from between £5 and £5,000 for the Bonus Bar whilst the Bumper Bonus Bar awards from £25 to £25,000. Bigger prizes from each of the Bars are not tied into how much you play but are awarded randomly, so you are just as likely to land the big one as anyone else!

How The Bonus Bar Games Cash Works

Simply play any game with the bonus bar icon, the more you stake the quicker the bonus bar fills. Once full you are awarded a random games cash prize to spend on Paddy Power Games. What’s more you can keep filling your bonus bar as well as taking advantage of other great promotions from Paddy Power.