Straight from Mecca Games, Multiplier is the new way to play fruit machines. You decide your risk and you decide your returns.It is a new exciting spin of the wheel game that you just have to play!

There is a 360 degree dial with which you can adjust to define your winning margin by highlighting your selected “win” area in red. Depending on the area of winnings you have defined, you final payout amount should you win will also be decided accordingly. Once you are happy with your choice, spin the wheel, and should the needle land on the colour red, you win!

And don't worry, winnings will automatically go onto your next spin as the new stake and accumulate unless you select the collect option to collect your current win amount. You must press COLLECT on the left of the game screen to add your winnings to your account!!!

Multiplier Fruit Machine Quick Guide

  • Progressive Jackpot – No
  • Bonus Features – Yes
  • Gamble Feature – No
  • Maximum Bet – £1,000 per spin
  • Minimum Bet – 5p per spin
  • Maximum Jackpot – £250,000
  • Free Play Option – Yes
  • Wild Symbols – No
  • Win Lines – 0

Playing the game couldn't be easier. To begin, select the amount you would like to stake. Next, choose the size of the dial area you want to cover by either using the up/down arrows on the payout selector, the red area increases/decreases the potential payout changes. The smaller the red area the higher the payout. Once you are happy with your stake and the potential payout press SPIN.

Clicking ‘Spin' will spin the dial and start the game. The needle in the middle of the dial will then spin and stop randomly. If it stops within the red area you win the payout amount shown. You then have the option of collecting your winnings or re-betting the entire amount on the next spin. You are able to adjust the size of the red area between spins!