Million Pound Drop

“Million Pound Drop” is an exciting game show that gives players a million dollars at the very beginning of the game. However, the players must take their money and carefully divide it up amongst several trap doors. Each trap door corresponds to an answer to a question. All incorrect trap doors are opened, dropping any cash placed their. Players have to be intelligent and careful.

A few different tie in products were created to celebrate the success of this show. One of these is the slot machine “Million Pound Drop” available at “Paddy Power Games.” It purports to replicate the look and feel of the game show but in a slot machine format. Is it successful or a failure? Read on to find out.

Players interested in playing the game seriously must deposit real money into their “Paddy Power Games” gaming account. Signing up for an account is free but players have to use real world money to play. This gives players the chance to win serious money but it also gives them the chance to lose all their deposited money. After all, gambling is gambling and it can be risky.

Million Pound Drop Quick Guide

  • Progressive Jackpot – No
  • Bonus Features – Yes
  • Maximum Bet – £500
  • Minimum Bet – 1p
  • Nudges – No
  • Free Spins – Yes
  • Free Play Option – Yes
  • Wild Symbols – Yes
  • Win Lines – 20

However, there is a “Free to Play” option that lets players experience the game in a risk free environment. They are given over a thousand pounds to start. Once they run out, they have to sign up and deposit money. This is a nice option that lets players try it out without risking any of their own hard earned cash.

How does it stand up when compared against its gaming model? Well, it mostly comes across due to the graphics and sound. The reels and lines resemble the trap doors from the game. Symbols drop through these doors in a cute replication of the original game. These graphics are solid and pleasant on the eye but not exactly groundbreaking or innovative. They are exceptional for an online game though. Very nice. The sounds include minimal samples from the game as well as similar background music. All in all, a very solid presentation for that should excite fans of the game.

One potential problem that fans of the show may experience is that the game doesn't really play like the TV show. Its a slot machine without trivia questions to answer. Players looking for a perfect replication of the TV show game play will no doubt be disappointed. This is really the only problem I can find with the game as the graphics and sound are very solid and the game play is typical but typically addictive and exciting slot machine action.

And that's what really matters. Game play is entirely mouse controlled making it easy for amateur game players to figure out. Players can select the number of lines they want to bet on, the value of each bet as well as autoplay features. It doesn't have the depth of a serious, commercial gambling game but is a worthwhile and addictive addiction to the online slot machine gaming world.