Maximise Your Reward With Gala Casino

Reward Points From Gala


The Gala Casino is best known for big wins and fast payouts. These factors are what drive most people to the site. That said, there are several other factors that not enough people take advantage of. One of these factors is the promotions, which are overly generous.

The most popular promotion at Gala Casino is the comp points. This might sound a little too standard for being a best promotion at an online casino, but Gala Casino is different. When you play here, you have an opportunity to earn one comp point for every 10 pounds you wager. That’s a very nice return, but it gets even better. At Gala Casino, there are VIP levels. Therefore, if you’re loyal to Gala Casino, then you will be handsomely rewarded. Each time you move your way up one of the VIP tier levels, you will earn more comp points based on the amount of pounds you wager.

The comp points can be earned anywhere. If you’re playing a Gala Fruit Machine, then you can really rack up the comp points easily. Those comp points can then be turned into real money. If you ever want to check your comp balance, just click on the Loyalty or My Account tab.

The promotions at Gala Casino don’t end there. For example, look at the Marvel Monday promotion. If you play any Marvel fruit machines at Gala Casino on Monday, then you will earn double the normal comp points. Another great promotion at Gala Casino is the Recommend A Friend. If you recommend a friend and they choose to play at Gala, then you will earn $25 and your friend will earn $20. Can you image what kind of supplemental income this could lead to if you have a lot of Facebook friends or Twitter followers? Last but not least is the Weekend Cashback promotion, where you can earn 10 percent cash back up to 50 pounds wagered.

If you’re wise, then you will take advantage of all these generous promotions.