Jackpot Joy Houdini’s Matchmaker Cash Prize

Houdinis Heartbreak Cash Bonus

Did you have the perfect Valentines Day? Where you basking in the romance? Did your partner make this year particularly special? Well have a thought for poor Houdini who didn’t even get a solitary Valentines card and is now heart broken! But don’t feel to sorry for him as Jackpot Joy have arranged for you to help Houdini out and help him find his true love and earn yourself a share of the £10,000 jackpot to boot! There are five beauties to choose between and if you match the right girl to Houdini then you will be in for a share of the jackpot.

This is a really fun way to win some great cash bonus prizes just by playing your favourite games at Jackpot Joy. Don’t worry if you don’t end up matching Houdini with the right girl because Jackpot Joy have a further £2,500 to share out between each of the other potential girlfriends, so which ever way you go you will be guaranteed a cash bonus prize!

Claiming Your Matchmaker Cash Prize

All you need to do is click on our link to Jackpot Joy and pick your choice of matches for Houdini by clicking on the arrows to see the potential girlfriends. Do this between the 15th of February and the 24th of February then play £30 on Fruit Machines or Casino Games or £15 on Bingo during the promotional period and you will have registered your choice. Jackpot Joy will reveal the lucky girl to win the affections of Houdini on Monday 25th February and if you picked the lucky girl then you will win your share of the Jackpot. Remember that even if you don’t select correctly you will still win a share of the runners up cash prizes.

More Jackpot Joy Valentines Offers

You will always be able to find some fantastic deals at Jackpot Joy that cover their whole range of games including bingo, fruit machines and casino style games. This week Jackpot Joy are coming over all romantic with a great selection of Valentines themed bonuses like the Alice in Wonderland daily bonus prize in which you can pick up a cash bonus each day during the promotional period.