Lucky Star

See if the stars are feeling lucky for you with this roulette style casino game. Pick your lucky number and take the game for a spin, may the luck if the Irish be with you.

All the way from Mecca Games, Lucky Star is a roulette style casino game and if you have a lucky number now is the time to use it. It's very easy to play and a twist on the traditional style fruit machine.

There are 40 “squares” on the Lucky Star board, 2x “0” 5x “1”, 5x “2”, 5x “3”, 5x “4”, 5x “5”, 5x “6”, 5x “7” and 3x “8”. There are 20 “black” squares, 15 “red” squares and 5 “green squares. There are 18 “even” squares and 20 “odd” squares.

Lucky Star Fruit Machine Quick Guide

  • Progressive Jackpot – No
  • Bonus Features – No
  • Gamble Feature – No
  • Maximum Bet – £7 per spin
  • Minimum Bet – 20p per spin
  • Maximum Jackpot – £300
  • Free Play Option – Yes
  • Wild Symbols – No
  • Win Lines – 0

The draws take place ‘on demand'. Choose your stake using the up and down arrows and use the mouse to place the chips on the board. You can place chips directly on a number or you can bet on the number grid on the left hand side of the game. Once you are ready click bet to start the game.