Hit The Monopoly Jackpot

There are several MegaJackpots titles games that all offer a huge opportunity to online casino players to win a progressive prize fund. Some of the MegaJackpots mode games are MegaJackpots Cluedo, Monopoly MegaJackpots and Cleopatra all which have a huge prize fund and can be found on Kerching Casino.

In MegaJackpots Cluedo, the players spin reels that are loaded with murder suspects and weapons. This game is based on Cluedo while Cleopatra takes the players to Egypt in a quest for the cash bonanza. However, Monopoly MegaJackpots is a nine-payline game that has five reel slots that feature Piccadilly and Mayfair landmarks which are classic Monopoly landmarks.

The prizes fund on Monopoly MegaJackpots is progressive meaning that it continues to grow as the player continues playing the game. It is without doubt the highest reset prize fund for any online casino game. You need to sign up on Kerching Casino and stand to have the chance to play the Monopoly MegaJackpots. It does not take that long to sign up, after entering a few details as requested on the Kerching Casino website.

The game also features several other opportunities for the players to increase their winning chances. These include the Pass Go bonus and free spins. Players have the chance to win free spins and see if they can win the prize fund and also have Pass Go mini game which is obtained by acquiring a total of three symbols during a spin of the reels and stand a chance of winning cash pay outs.

Once the player is able to acquire the three symbols on the reel, they will proceed to a level where they will have to throw dice and try their lack on landing a property square on an authentic Monopoly board. There are bonus awards of about 5x to 50x on offer on the Pass Go bonus.

As long as the jackpot is not won and claimed, it keeps increasing and the online casino players stand the great chance to win this prize fund. For a player to claim the win of the progressive 1.5 million pounds prize they will have to obtain five MegaJackpots symbols which are required on the central payline but this has to be during their maximum bet. On Monopoly MegaJackpots, their ship or iron or small dog as it is often referred to will have to come in for them as well in order to secure the win.