Gala Casino – Piggies and the Wolf

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Fairy tales mostly consist of princesses and princes and are most definitely a common theme when Bingo or casinos launch new games. Sometimes these themed games and slots are the most popular as most people have grown up with these myths or tales.

Gala Casino have a brand new slots game launched and it’s called ‘Piggies and the Wolf’, no doubt taking some adaptation from the Three Little Pigs fables where they build their own houses and the big bad wold comes along and blow it down.

This brand new slots game Piggies and the Wolf will have Gala Casino players chuckling to themselves as it definitely makes players reminisce about this fable. This game is a 4×5 reel, 50 line slots game and is a modern twist on the original adaption. This slot shows the piggies as hillbillies and the wolf as a biker chasing them. This game has loads of fun features so keep you intertwined with this fantastic new game.

The graphics within this game are animated, which makes it feel like the piggies are genuinely scared of the wold which is a great fun original feature. There are a total of 3 bonus rounds; each one will make the player squirm with excitement.

The first is the stacked wild icons which is you get these on reel 5 then the player has triggered the huff and puff feature. This is where the Wold rides through on his motorcycle and blows the wall down; the symbols will then rearrange to determine what the big win will be. This bonus round is the biggest chance that players will get to win big.

The second bonus round is the Blow the House Down feature, which consists of the wold attempting to blow down the wold house but players can manipulate the moves the wold will take and this will enable players to win prizes as the wold huffs and puffs. This will continue until the house is blown down and or players pick the wrong symbol which results in a failure.

The third bonus feature is when the players get three scattered piggy’s in the wold symbols across the reels will enable players to receive free spins. This is a great feature as free spins always come in handy for players to see what will happen next, especially in a game where there is loads going on.

Get down to Gala Casino today for some exciting online scratch cards and slots fun!

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