Dark Knight Fruit Machine

Dark Knight Fruit Machine

“The Dark Knight” is the second in a series of Christopher Nolan directed “Batman” movies. It featured a dark storyline, exciting action and high quality performances by fine actors. It went on to become the third highest grossing film in America of all time.

Many tie-ins to the movie have been released to take advantage of the success of the movie. “Microgaming” and “DC Comics” is proud to present “The Dark Knight” fruit machine game at “Ladbrokes Casino.” This game features high octane slot action, dark and brooding graphics and several different large pay off progressive jackpots. It also features a great limited time promotion that players should use to their advantage.

“The Dark Knight” differs very little in basic gameplay from any of the other many fine, “Ladbrokes Casino” games. Players control their betting with a mouse-based interface which uses the same basic control scheme as the rest of the games.

What sets this game apart from other games is its presentation. All “Ladbrokes” games have a great presentation. But “The Dark Knight” really hits on the moody ambiance that made the movie so popular. The in-game graphics resemble scenes from the film. The music and sound effects are drawn right from the movie, as are the many cut scenes taken directly from the movie. Players aren't likely to have experienced a fruit machine machine game with such a stunning sense of atmosphere.

Players can activate a few different bonuses in this game. The “Character Reward” bonus activates when players get at least one “Batman” tile and one “Joker” tile on the board at the same time. This bonus will award players with free spins, instant cash bonuses or increased multipliers.

Three “Scatter” tiles will earn the player 15 free spins and a x2 multiplier. The “Joker” will often appear during these spins. Players lucky enough to see him will earn free spins and higher multipliers.

Players will be excited to know that there are several progressive jackpots in “The Dark Knight.” These jackpots vary from starting at £100.00 to £1 000 000.00. Each jackpot increases in value between spins.

“Ladbrokes” is offering a one-time only promotion that ends on July 5th. Players depositing and spending between £100 and £199 earn a bonus of £10. Depositing and spending between £200 and £399 earns £30 while depositing and spending at least £400 earns players a £70 bonus.