Cheating Fruit Machines – The Shocking Truth

Like me, you may have wondered if those fruit machines you play in arcades or pubs are cheating you out of your hard earned cash? Ever noticed that when you hit those Hi – Lo gamble features that you never seem to pick the right one! Well that's because the fruit machine IS cheating you!

At some point we have all been in the following situation. You're just about to collect a nice win when the Hi – Lo gamble feature kicks in. The fruit machine offers you more cash if you're willing to gamble on the outcome of a Hi – Lo numbers game.

If you can correctly guess if the next number will be higher or lower than the 2 on display then you'll double your money! The lowest number on the wheel is a 1 and the highest is a 10. With a 2 on display in the win window you correctly gamble that the next number will be higher so you spin the wheel only to watch in disbelief as a number 1 lands in the small win window and you've lost it all.

The shocking truth is you never stood a chance. The fruit machine had already decided that you were going to lose – if you had gone lower than 2, the fruit machine would have gone higher.

Like me you may have suspected all along that the machine was scamming you. The website has led a campaign to find out if fruit machines really are cheating and now for the first time they have the proof. It makes for shocking reading – the facts are that UK slot machines are cheating players on almost every spin. If you'd like to find out more about how fruit machines are cheating punters up and down the country click here.

As of yet there is NO proof that online fruit machines are cheating in the same way. Our advice is NEVER gamble your wins either online or in the real world however tempting it may be. Just collect your winnings and be grateful that you have got one over on the fruit machine.