Chain Mail Fruit Machine From Ladbrokes Casino

Chain Mail Fruit Machine

Whenever you want to play one of the most exciting, entertaining and potentially profitable fruit machines in the world, head straight to Ladbrokes Casino. Ladbrokes Casino is the most reputable online casino throughout the world, which means that security, customer service, banking options and gaming options are always going to be superior. One of the most interesting fruit machines at Ladbrokes Casino at the moment is called Chain Mail.

Chain Mail Fruit Machine Game Features

  • Progressive Jackpot – No
  • Bonus Features – Yes
  • Maximum Bet – £50
  • Minimum Bet – .20p
  • Nudges – No
  • Holds – No
  • Free Play Option – Yes
  • Wild Symbols – Yes
  • Scatter Symbols – Yes
  • Win Lines – 20

In the Chain Mail fruit machine from Ladbrokes Casino, you are an ordinary man who is in love with a princess. The princess lives in a castle. The only way you can spend forever with her is to get her out of that castle and away from her evil uncle, but it won’t be easy. You see, the uncle knows all about you, and he has booby-trapped the castle. If you attempt to enter via the drawbridge, he might accidentally drop the drawbridge on your head, which will hurt. If you attempt to shoot a sticky arrow to the side of the castle so you can climb up a rope attached to that arrow, he might cut the rope, which will also hurt. No matter what you try, he’s going to find a way to stop you, and it’s going to hurt. The only real way to win the princess is to win so much money that the uncle will gladly hand over her niece. Are you game for winning a lot of money and winning the beautiful princess? Sounds like a win/win situation.

The reels in this game are interesting when it comes to pictures. For instance, you might find a pizza pie lying above crossed swords or ice cream with a crown on top. If you want to live a wild and exciting adventure, then you should definitely play Chain Mail at Ladbrokes Casino.