Bingo Fan Celebrates Massive Win

It is always good to hear someone deserving of some luck winning a jackpot. Whether that be with fruit machines, bingo or sports betting. On this occasion, it is a bingo win that is being celebrated.

Mrs Joan B has always been a fan of playing online bingo – occasionally deciding to Play Bingo at – but until now it hasn’t been anything more than a hobby. She was happy playing for fun. This was until she noticed she had won an impressive £1,708.

She said how she logged on to play as usual and was informed of her win, something which left her shocked and extremely happy.

Speaking about the win with JackpotJoy, she said: “I was shocked and surprised when I won, I have never had a big win before.”

As for what she plans to do with the Big Bingo Jackpots winnings, she said a holiday is a distinct possibility as she wants to celebrate the win in style and not just let the moment dissolve.

“I am planning a trip to Paris in the summer and will use some of the money to decorate the house.”

This got us thinking, what would you do if you want the same amount as Joan? Would you save it up? Would you spend it all on a holiday? A new car maybe?

Everyone is different of course so it would be good to hear about your best wins and what you would do if you win in the future.

Let us know!