£5.1 Million Won Online

An anonymous Scottish man recently won a record-breaking £5.1 million, and he has a very vocal dog to thank for it. The man was trying to get a good night's sleep but was interrupted by the barking pup. After trying unsuccessfully to fall back asleep, he decided to try his luck at online gambling.

He placed his bet on the Life's a Beach fruit machine game and watched the colorful figures spin before his eyes. Six spins later, he hit the jackpot and became an instant millionaire. It is doubtful that the man was able to get any sleep after the big win. The jackpot shattered the United Kingdom's record for biggest online fruit machine win of all time and is the third largest win in world history.

Although he may have cursed the barking dog initially for rousing him with incessant barking, the man now wishes to shake his paw. Life will certainly be different for the winner, who is in his 20s and resides in a modest flat in a small Scottish town.

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